2021 - Summer '18

Summer '18 - 2021 Roster
Head Coach - Scott Howe

Asst Coach - Jake Zickel

Pratt Jake Attack
Hook Bo Attack
Dues Scott Attack
Windham Spencer Attack
Jemley Luke Defense
Morrison John Michael Defense
Crain Bennett  Defense
Ruckreigel Brock Defense
Renfrow Aidan Defense
Greive Tucker Goalie
Boland Grant LSM
Stropkay Harrison Midfield
Schrenger  Mark Midfield
Elpers Thomas Midfield
Hall Cameron Midfield
Kirsch Reece Midfield
Sawyer Keegan Midfield
Pesek Teddy Midfield
Francia Owen Midfield
Redmon Tanner Midfield
Hall Ben  Midfield
Siebel Heath Midfield

Please email us at info@stickheadusa.com to be evaluated and considered for our 2021 team.  Coaches contact info or recommendation should accompany your request.