Welcome to Team Stickhead FAQ Page

We will try to answer some questions about our program and specificially the Summer '19 Travel season.  As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions to info@stickheadusa.com. Our summer program is "front loaded" meaning we participate during the months of May & June only.  Additional trainings may take place on a case by case basis, but the summer schedule is complete by June 30th, allowing families and players the remainder of the summer for personal interests and activities.  We support a cross-training approach and encourage players to consider other non-lacrosse activities. 

1.) When will tryouts be?

  • We will hold summer '19 tryouts for 2022 thru 2028 on January 21st.  
  • 2020 & 2021 players are being selected by invitation only, please email us at info@stickheadusa.com for consideration. 
  • Players may email us at info@stickheadusa.com.

2.) Is it too late to be considered?

  • No, please pre-register for our tryouts on January 21st
  • We are looking for players who are serious about learning the game, wanting to get better, develop smart habits, are athletic and motivated, want to develop a better game IQ & HAVE FUN!
  • If this sounds like you, please drop us an email and let us know your background, head coach, school and playing experience. 

3.) What is the cost to play for Team Stickhead?

  • Fees are subject to change based on number & location of tournaments
  • 8u - $600-$700 (two tournaments)
  • 10U, 12u & 14u - $800-$900 (3 tournaments)
  • 2022 - $800-$900 (3 tournaments)
  • 2020/21 - TBD

4.) Who are the coaches for the teams?

  • Head Coaches have not been selected (subject to change)
    • Al Schwartz, St. Xavier HS
    • Scott Howe, St. Xavier HS
    • Ben Murphy, Asbury University
    • Jay Johnson, KCD 3/4th & Alumni/Player at W&L
    • Goalie Coach - Eric Hoffman, St. Xavier HS
    • Faceoff Coaches - Alex Cherry, Paul Stickel & Peyton Bray, Transylvania University
    • LSM / Defense - Jake Hardy, Canisius University / Denver Elite
    • Additional coaches will be added 

5.) Will teams be grade based or age based?

  • High School teams will be grade based (2020, 2021 & 2022)
  • Youth teams will be age based when possible (14u, 12u, 10u, 8u)
  • We reserve the right to make format changes as necessary

6.) What is the summer schedule?

  • June 1/2 - Country Lax, Nashville, TN (All Teams)
  • June 9/10 - Ohio Lacrosse Festival, Columbus, OH (All Teams)
  • June 29/30 - NXT The Grail, Indianapolis, IN (10u, 12u, 14u / 8u additional fee)
  • June 29/30 - MidAmerica Invitational, Indianapolis, IN (HS teams)

7.) When and Where are practices held?

  • All practices take place at EP Sawyer State Park
  • Practices are b/t the hours of 5pm & 9pm
  • Typically, teams practice on Tuesday & Thursday evenings
  • Practices will begin on or around May 21st
  • Possible additional practices added when applicable


8.) How do you communicate with players and parents?

  • We utilize Team Snap during the summer session along with email correspondence
  • Parent coordinators & coaches will assist with tournament weekend logistics

9.) How is playing time determined?

  • All players play equally, meaining everyone plays 
  • Equal playing time may be divided by games, days or weekends (may not be exacly 50/50)
  • This means that players will be given equal playing time over the course of a weekend tournament, not necessarily game by game.
  • Parents should use the 24 hour rule when discussing playing time with head coaches or program directors
  • Player attitude and practice attendance will impact playing time

 Additional information will be posted, so please check back periodically for updates.