Team Stickhead is primarily a seasonal fall & summer boy's travel lacrosse program located in Louisville, KY.  We have also conducted Leagues , Camps and clinics over the years and continue to do so. We take pride in our 18 year history, our proven competitiveness and our success in making young men not only better players , but better citizens. We started offering travel lacrosse programs in the fall of 2004 and have continously and consistently administered teams year round. Team Stickhead players have gone on to successful college careers. Many are now back and coaching at local schools, or with Team Stickhead, or with other clubs. The Team Stickhead "roots" run far and wide.

Team Stickhead offers competitive programs from 8U through rising seniors.  Our teams are selected in a transparent open tryout selection process. There is no hidden agenda, no pre-selection invitations, just simply attend tryouts, do your best and get selected to play.  Our rosters are typically 20-22 players to allow for equal playing time. All players play an equal amount of time.  Again, equal playing time w/out winning at all costs approach.  Our coaches are involved in the selection process and attend player tryouts.  This is important to us, as we want your son's coaches to select their rosters.  

We pride ourselves on selecting qualified, respected individuals to coach our teams. Many are current or former coaches at the Collegiate and High School varsity level as well as current players in college. We vet our coaches for their knowledge of the game, their leadership qualities, their sportsmanship, and their ability to mentor young players. With that said; just because you played in college does NOT necessarily mean you are a "Teacher of the Game". All our teams are led by two coaches for all practices and tournament weekends. Our coaches are with their teams from the first day of practice to the last tournament weekend. Again, we lead by example and it begins with our coaching staff.  

Our fees are reflective of our convenient and competitve tournament schedule, as well as, our overall format. We don't require add on purchases such as Team helmets or gloves, yet our Teams are well uniformed with tops and bottoms. We are sensitive to inflated program fees, such as inflated practice schedules that infringe on "School Team " time/seasons and or require hefty "field time" expenses. We do not interfere with players playing for their School Teams. Ours fees are traditionally the most reasonable in the state. Our Summer Travel program is focused on a compact concentration of practices (10-12 = 20+ hrs) and multiple tournaments focused on the month of June so the players are fresh off their spring season and ready to play, leaving the remainder of the summer for other endeavors, vacations, etc. We attend tournaments that have a history of being professionally administered, attract competitive travel programs and are competitively & fairly priced.  

In closing, we are proud of 14+ years of instruction provided to our travel teams. The 2019 Team Stickhead summer coaching staff represents 9 different colleges, as well as, a strong St. Xavier (12 of 18 KY State High School D1 Championships) coaching method influence. Our Coaches represent over 200 years of Coaching/Life experiences. Other clubs come and go for various reasons, Team Stickhead continues to offer a competitive and successful travel team platform as well as produce some fine young men.

Please feel free to reach us at info@stickheadusa.com for more details.

Best Regards,
Team Stickhead