Team Stickhead is a seasonal fall & summer boy's travel lacrosse program located in Louisville, KY.  We take pride in our history, competitiveness and success.  We started offering travel lacrosse programs in the fall of 2004 and have continuely administered teams during the fall and summer seasons.  

Team Stickhead offers competitive programs from U11 through rising seniors.  Our teams are selected in a transparent selection tryout process. There is no hidden agenda, no pre-selection invitations, just simply try out, do your best and get selected to play.  Our rosters are typically 20-22 players to allow for equal playing time. All players play an equal amount of time.  Again, clear cut playing time w/out winning at all costs approach.  

We pride ourselves on selecting qualified, respected individuals to coach our teams. We vet out coaches for their knowledge of the game, their leadership qualities and their ability to mentor young players. All teams are lead by two coaches for all practices and tournament weekends. Our coaches are with their teams from the first day of practice to the last tournament weekend. Again, we lead by example and it begins with our coaching staff.  

Our fees are reflective of our convenient and competitve tournament schedule, as well as, our overall format.  We are sensitive to inflated program fees and our reflected in our tournament selection and program format. We attend tournaments that have a history of being professionally administered, attract competitive travel programs and are competitively priced.  

In closing, we would like to prove to your family why we have been successful with over 13 years of competitive travel teams. Other clubs come and go for various reasons, Team Stickhead continues to offer a competitive and successful travel team platform.

Please feel free to reach us at info@stickheadusa.com for more details.

Team Stickhead